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"“I only sing in the shower. I would join a choir, but I don’t think my shower can hold that many people.”
― Jarod Kintz,

We take active part in the celebration also by means of singing. Music is one of the important means used by the Church in order to celebrate faith. So the sacred hymns form a necessary and integral part of the Liturgy.
St. Augustine affirms that a Christian who sings well prays twice.

Music conveys a feeling of unity to the congregation, and can introduce the faithful into the right spirit of the particular feast that is celebrated. 




Choir Director  Ballycorick  

Geraldine Halpin  065 6834440

g halpin  

 Organists Ballynacally 
Lorraine Kelly

 Solo Singers
Maretta O Hare
Bernie McNeilis  
Dawn Halpin
Geraldine Halpin
Patricia Carrig

Lorraine Kelly ........ Harp
James Kelly ...........Flute
Bernadette Kelly ....Accordion
Elizabeth Kelly .......Concertina
Mike Kirwan............Flute/Bodhran
Darren McMahon.....Banjo
Shane McMahon ....Concertina



 Choir Director Lissycasey

Stephanie McNamara  065 6834267   

Organist Lissycasey    

Anna Culligan


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choir singers