Virtually every item you see displayed on this page and its galleries was hand made by local people for those in need in 3rd world countries or to equip priests to share the faith.

Ballynacally/Lissycasey Apostolic Works depend on the goodwill of the community and their supporters to function. Your support is much appreciated at all times.

Remember to collect your used stamps and reading glasses for us to help raise funds. Also you can purchase an inscribed sacred altar vessel for use in the 3rd world as a way to remember a loved one at masses, contact us for more info

The following is a list of items that are useful to the Apostolic Society to help the Missions & People in the Third World:

✅Prayer Books, Rosary Beads, Holy Pictures, Holy Medals
✅Old Christmas Cards - just the Holy picture required
✅Perpetual Mass Cards and Regular Mass Cards. Many homes will have a box of Mass cards after a family member's funeral. The Holy picture from these cards can be cut out or names crossed out. These pictures are greatly appreciated by families in the poorest of areas abroad; they are sometimes given as a wedding gift!
✅Old Duvet Covers & Pillowcases to make cot quilts
✅Sewing & Knitting Materials: knitting wool, fabric (from curtains/sheets etc), needles, thread, trimmings, buttons – all used to make little dresses for girls, teddies are knitted and given to doctors who treat children & sent to orphanages in Africa
✅Used Stamps – these are sold to stamp collectors to raise funds
✅Reading glasses
✅Small Pringle Boxes – these will be sprayed silver and used to carry Holy Communion in Third World Countries
✅Towels (or any terry toweling material)
✅Small bars of soap

Items can be left into the parish office or donated to any member of the Ballyncally/Lissycasey Apostolic Society at ANY TIME.

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" Prayer is the best weapon we have; it is the key to God’s heart." Padre Pio

Ballynacally/Lissycasey Apostolic works society

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The Society of Apostolic Work was founded in 1923 by Agnes McAuley and a small band of young women who gathered in Belfast with the purpose of helping missionaries in whatever way they could - by prayer and material assistance.

They began by providing Mass vestments and other things needed by the missionaries. But quickly they began raising funds to send to the missionaries so that they could use it to fund their work, as most of them were working with the very poor, in Africa, Asia and South America.bishop willie walsh

To share in the missionary apostolate of the Church by prayer and by supplying material and financial aid to those areas where the Church is not firmly established. To sanctify members’ lives by their participation in Apostolic Work.

The Association is composed of:-

a) active members who give practical help by making vestments, altar linens/altar cloths for the missions, as well as knitwear and small garments for the diocesan sale of work;

b) honorary members who recite the specified short prayers and pay an annual subscription of €2 to the Treasurer of the local branch.

In 1950, with the blessing of the Bishop, the first branch in the diocese was set up in Tullow and affiliated to the National Council of Apostolic Workers.

An exhibition of finished work submitted by the various members is held annually, many pictures can be viewd on the right of this page.

Ballynacally/Lissycasey Apostolic works society

Contact............... Margaret Galvin (President) email by clicking here

Killaloe Apostolic Work

Maria Assumpta Hall, Station Road, Ennis
Hours of Opening: Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 10am – 1.00pm and 2.00pm – 5.00pm
Contact: 065 6823351






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